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Veneta System is the Trademark for our Ink Refill Centers. There are now 147 Outlets spread across Indonesia and more are being established every year.

Veneta System Outlets are managed by PT Veneta Indonesia, PT Veneta Media Usaha, PT Veneta Nusantara and PT Veneta Indonesia Surabaya.

Veneta Indonesia
Veneta Media Usaha
Veneta Nusantara
Veneta Indonesia Surabaya
Veneta Media Usaha

PT. Veneta Media Usaha is a subsidiary of Veneta System Group that was established in 2003 and was the first in promoting activities related to the usage and re-manufacturing of inlijet, toner and ribbon cartridge for all types of electronic printers.

PT Veneta Media Usaha focus on Franchise Veneta System Concept that allows a business person to run and be the boss of his/her business with the guidance of Veneta System.

Company Location
Jl Mangga Dua Abdad No.5H
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
Telp : +62 21 6123124
Fax : +62 21 6019454

In 2004, Veneta System opened 4 (four) outlets as its pilot project in various areas in Jakarta.

Veneta System has been acknowledged as the expert in the field of re-manufacturing of inkjet, toner and ribbon cartridge.

The achievement of excellence in being a marl
- To increase the number of outlets through our franchise concept in all major cities in Indonesia.
- To develop the industry of refill center and cartridges regeneration widely

Veneta System Franchise
Veneta System Franchise allows a business person to run and be the boss of his/her business with the guidance of Veneta System. With the excellent image and brand quality the public has in their minds regarding Veneta System, it has been well proven that success rate of these franchise ventures is high.

As for the beginning stages, the Future Franchisee need only to prepare the workforce whom will be selected and the proposed location which will be recommended. The Franchisor will also assist in reviewing the business projections, training, renovation of business locations, operational system, pre-marketing programs, working facilities and equipments in each outlet.

Veneta System does not limit its intended market segment, in terms of age nor gender, as long as they are printer users for each computer they use.

One of the main factor in Veneta System franchise is the supply & distribution of items to the outlets. For this particular matter Veneta System which has the support of excellent quality of local and imported materials, understands the importance of commitment in procuring these items.

To invest in Veneta System, the future-franchisee must establish about Rp. 400 million for initial investment, this includes the franchisee fee, initial stocks of items, decoration & furniture, equipments, etc.

To maintain the quality of our service in each outlet, Veneta System develops a Training Centre. Each franchisee will be offered the proper training before any outlet opening. Therefore, each outlet will meet Veneta System service standards.

Veneta System keeps promoting itself to secure our existence and maintain our position as the market leader in the business of cartridge regeneration.

Veneta System's promotional activities include PR, Advertising, and other sponsorship activities, exhibitions, and events.

"Save Our Environment

Veneta System implements the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) since it has first established its business. Acknowledging the fact that the company and the general public are two integral entities, Veneta System has done social awareness activities by distributing aids to societies in need.
As a form of Veneta System's commitment to saving the environment Veneta System has been implementing the policies Reduce - Reuse - Recycle - Replace - Rethink, by recycling used cartridges to help reduce cartridge wastes significantly.
Veneta System has also been using environmental friendly biodegradable bags and continue to participate in environmental campaign such as tree planting activity.

Veneta System keeps developing its products' quality and service year after year, and for this Veneta System has gained various awards for the franchise and franchisee with excellent performance.





Relokasi Veneta System Buaran
Veneta System Buaran

Mulai Tanggal 24 Maret 2015 pindah/relokasi ke :
Veneta System Buaran
Jl. Buaran Raya No.15
(Depan Pizza Hut Delivery - PHD)
Jakarta Timur
Telp : 0851 0123 6799

New Opening Outlet at Sidoarjo
Veneta System Sidoarjo
(Grand Opening : Tanggal 29 Agustus 2014)
Jl. Gajah Mada 43
Sidoarjo Surabaya
Telp : (031) 892 4522, (031) 3149 0299
Email : sidoarjo@venetaindonesia.com

Relokasi Veneta System ITC BSD
Veneta System ITC BSD

Mulai Tanggal 18 Agustus 2014 pindah/relokasi ke :
Veneta System BSD
Jl. Pahlawan Seribu Sektor VIII Kav.05
(Dalam area SPBU lantai 2, sebelah Auto2000 BSD)
Telp : 021-366 71699

Relokasi Veneta System Bintoro
Veneta System Bintoro

Mulai Tanggal 03 Juni 2014 pindah/relokasi ke :
Veneta System Diponegoro
Jl. Diponegoro No.127
Telp. : (021) 569 80104, 569 80105
E-mail : veneta_dutamas@venetaindonesia.com

Relokasi Veneta System Duta Mas
Veneta System Duta Mas

Mulai Tanggal 02 Juni 2014 pindah/relokasi ke :
Veneta System Duta Mas
Jl. Duta Mas Raya No.11L
Jakarta Barat
(sebelah ATM BCA)
Telp. : (021) 569 80104, 569 80105
E-mail : veneta_dutamas@venetaindonesia.com

Relokasi Veneta System Palangkaraya
Veneta System Veneta System Palangkaraya

Mulai Tanggal 21 April 2014 pindah/relokasi ke :
Veneta System Palangkaraya
Jl. Ahmad Yani No.45
(Koperasi Telkom)
HP : 0813 4868 4442 E-mail : ahmadyani_palangkaraya@venetaindonesia.com

Pembukaan Outlet Baru di Timika
Veneta System Timika
(Soft Opening : 07 April 2014)
(Grand Opening : 15 April 2014)
Jl. Hasanuddin, Mimika Baru
Timika Papua
(depan Timika TV)
Telp. : (0901) 3126 812
Fax : (0901) 3126 813
E-mail: vs_timika@venetaindonesia.com

Relokasi Outlet VS Batu Ceper
Veneta System Batu Ceper

Mulai Tanggal 20 Januari 2014 pindah/relokasi ke :
Veneta System Cipondoh
Jl. KH. Hasyim Ashari No.17 (sebelah dealer Honda)
Cipondoh - Tangerang
Telp : (021) 366 28896, 557 00275
Email : cipondoh_tgr@venetaindonesia.com

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